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International Steel Trade Day
Woensdag, 11 oktober 2017

EUROMETAL is going to convene an International Steel Trade Day in Ghent on 11 October 2017.

The theme of the conference is International Steel Trade at the Crossroads.

During this conference, senior executives, expert with the various aspects of international steel trade, will present their views about challenges and chances facing international steel exports and steel imports. We will invite to this conference all European stakeholders of steel trading, steel distribution as well as all connected logistics and port operators. In this way, the conference will surely be an international networking platform.

The conference will be a unique opportunity to communicate about the international steel trade market.

On that behalf, EUROMETAL would also like to draw your kind attention to the sponsoring and partner packages we offer regarding the International Steel Trade Day. Details about these packages may be found at the last page of the attachment.
These packages offer an excellent opportunity to all stakeholders to communicate and to promote their company with the international steel trade community.

You are invited to participate in this outstanding event in these times of significant changes in international steel trade flows and changing market behaviour in steel trade and steel distribution. International experts will voice their insights about present and future trends and developments.

In the attachments you may find all useful information about this conference as well as a registration form to mail back to

EUROMETAL International Steel Trade Day – Ghent – 11 October 2017
NH Gent Belfort Hotel Reservation

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